SCRIP Program

Shop with SCRIP: free, easy and efficient way to support our school

Are you buying your weekly groceries from Sprouts or Safeway? Do you shop at Gap, Gap Factory, Old Navy, Gymboree, J Crew? These retailers give 2-14% cashback to our school (all at no cost to you!). Sign up online (instructions below) or come by the Scrip table on Friday and pick up some of these retail and grocery gift cards. We have them on hand for immediate purchase; no registration needed.

Scrip is by far the easiest fundraising tool for our school. Here is how it works. You can use a SCRIP card like any other cash or gift card to pay for everyday shopping like food, clothing, gas, etc. You buy the gift card at face value and a portion of the gift card is given back to our school at no cost to you.

Funds raised by Scrip and other PTA activities are used to support enrichment activities for our children such as school events, School Garden, and much more. And if you like the new musical instruments, iPads, Chromebooks and new classroom furniture purchased in the last few years, this was made possible by money raised and donated by the PTA to the school, so your support really does make a difference! Please take a moment to learn more about the Scrip program and see how you can contribute.

The SCRIP program offers a large selection of prepaid cards from over 750 retailersParticipating retailers give a discount between 2% and 15% that directly benefits the FASSV PTA. There is no cost for you.

Percentage cash back by retailer info here: Cash back per retailer


To create a SCRIP account,  follow these few easy steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on “register”.
  3. Choose “join a scrip program”.
  4. Enter the enrollment code DC8DB5C83L665 to set up your family’s account.
You are now ready to order!
Once you have placed an order, we prepare your cards for you to pick up each Friday morning between 8:00 am and 8:30 am. Please pay by check (to FASSV PTA) or by cash at the time of pick up. 
Last but not least, here is an example how it works:
“Do you think you spend $200 in gas each month?  $400 in groceries?  $50 at Target?  $25 at Starbucks? 
If so, by purchasing these cards through SCRIP, the cost would be the same for you but the PTA would get $22 back in rebates from this single order. 
Now imagine you do this for the 8 remaining months of the school year…  no additional cost to you, $176 to the PTA. 
Now imagine all 119 families at FASSV did the same, that would be no additional cost to anyone, but $20,944 to the PTA. 
This covers the entire budget for the year, and it has not cost anyone anything. 
BTW, there are vendors who offer even greater rebates.  Each $100 Gap card purchased through SCRIP represents $14 back to the PTA.  $100 Macy’s card means $10 back to the PTA.  And there are many more like these!”
Support the School Community by participating in our SCRIP Program and help contribute to the activities that enrich the life of our children. 
For questions on SCRIP please contact Selma Bensaid.