French American School of Silicon Valley


version May 24, 2005

Table of Contents:

Article 1.     Name

Article 2.     Membership

Article 3.     Purposes

Article 4.     Term of Office

Article 5.     Officers and Executive Committee of the Association

Article 6.     Duties of the Officers

Article 7.     Duties of the executive Committee

Article 8.     Association Committees

Article 9.     Annual Fundraising Event

Article 10.   Nominations and Elections

Article 11.   Hot Lunch Program

Article 12.   Meetings

Article 13.   Vacancies

Article 14.   Amendments

Article 15.   Approval and Certifications


Article 1: NAME

  • The name of the Parent Teacher Association shall be: “French American School of Silicon Valley Parents Teachers Association” (FASSV-PTA or PTA or “Association”). It is located at 1522 Lewiston Drive in Sunnyvale, California 94087.


  • Parents and legally appointed guardians of students currently attending the French American School of Silicon Valley (FASSV or “the School”) are automatically a member of the PTA; no membership form or fee is necessary.
  • At the beginning of each school year, a welcome letter from the PTA shall inform parents of their automatic membership status and voting rights.
  • Membership shall be open to all teachers, paraprofessionals, and faculty then currently employed at FASSV.

Article 3: PURPOSE

The FASSV-PTA shall:

  • Forge a close and active relationship between the parents and the School in pursuit of the common goal of academic excellence.
  • Acquaint parents with the functions and objectives of the school.
  • Develop programs and activities, which help enrich the School activities.
  • Facilitate communication among school community members.
  • Engage the parent body in fund-raising activities for the benefit of the School and determine fundraising goals with Head of the School as described in Article 9.3.
  • Provide a setting for cultural understanding, and to encourage a friendly, social atmosphere within the FASSV community.
  • Take no official action that is inconsistent with the mission of the School or the written policies of the board of Trustees and School Administration.



  • The term of office shall be from September 1st through August 31.
  • Officers shall be elected by ballot at the annual meeting in May for a one-year term beginning September 1st.
  • Eligibility for office is limited to parents, legally appointed guardians or persons in parental relation who are not employed at FASSV.
  • Term limits for each officer position for the PTA shall be three consecutive one-year terms.
  • A candidate may be elected to serve in a fourth consecutive term provided no other interested candidate is nominated and willing to serve.



    • The officers of the PTA shall consist of: a francophone Co-President, an anglophone Co-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The Co-President titles can also be modified to President and Vice-President.
    • All officers must have a child registered at the School during the academic year of his/her election.
    • The Parents’ Association Officers shall constitute the Executive Committee.




The Co-Presidents shall:

  • Preside over all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee
  • Enforce the bylaws and all such regulations as may be adopted by the membership.
  • Be an ex-officio member of all committees of the Association.
  • Call all meetings.
  • Appoint members of the committee of the Association subject to ratification by the Executive Committee.
  • Coordinate the work of the officers and any such committees that shall be constituted in support of the Purpose.
  • Seek input from the Head and parents regarding the budget areas where additional funds are desired.
  • Oversee the preparation and publication of any written communications, such as but not limited to the FASSV Family Directory, the content of the Parent’s Association web site, the Annual fundraising communication letters, issued under the auspices of the parents’ Association.
  • Have signatory responsibility, along with the Treasurer, and the Head of the School for all Association bank accounts.

In case of a President and Vice-President representation, the Vice President shall:

  • Perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of that officer to act.
  • Carry responsibility as shall be determined by the standing President.

The Secretary shall:

  • Keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee.
  • Prepare a list of all unfinished business for the use of the Co-Presidents
  • Respond to requests for the contents of previous ,meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee
  • Prepare and publish, subject to approval by the President, minutes of the Association and Executive Committee.
  • Keep a current copy of the Association Bylaws and standing rules
  • Conduct all necessary correspondence of the Association
  • Give notice for all meetings
  • Prepare and distribute materials for Association elections, and publish the results of elections.
  • Assist, as necessary, with publicity and communication with the Parent Community.
  • Keep all necessary documents (i.e. financial records, contracts) in the school storage facility.

The treasurer shall:

  • Maintain expense/income reports for each committee of the Association, maintain all the financial records and reconcile on a monthly basis with its bank accounts at “audit level standard” to allow for subsequent financial FASSV audits, subject to the overview of the Board.
  • Have signatory responsibility, along with the President, and the Head of the School for all Association bank accounts.
  • Be the treasurer for all committees of the Association.
  • Propose budget at the beginning of the school year for vote at the first Association’s meeting, based on input from existing PTA committees.
  • Reimburses expenses according to budget and President’s authorization up to $1,000.
  • Provide access to the bank accounts for the School Head and the Board of Trustees Treasurer
  • Submit monthly bank reconciliation to School accountants by the 15th of each month ( for review)
  • Be prepared to meet with the Board accountants should questions arise from the monthly bank reconciliation or banking activities.
  • There shall be a “maximum check amount” limit of $1,000 on checking account. Check greater than $1,000 shall require PTA treasurer and Head of School signatures.



The Executive Committee shall:

  • In its actions, fulfill to the best of its abilities, the goals, policies, directives, and wishes of the Association.
  • The newly elected Executive Committee shall review and discuss the Association Bylaws at their first meeting.
  • Transact necessary business between meetings of the Association, and any other such business as may be referred to it by the Association.
  • Conduct elections of the officers of the Association.
  • Create standing or special committees as are deemed necessary to promote the Purpose of the Association, and to carry on the work of the Association.
  • Fill vacancies in office, including that of President
  • Present a report at the regular meetings of the Association.
  • Two members of the Executive Committee shall attend the School Committee meetings.
  • Past Officers shall be available for consultation via email or phone for 12 months after the end of their last term.



  • General rules for all committees:
    • The Executive Committee shall appoint the chairperson of each committee and may replace the chairperson for cause.
    • No committee shall make commitments on behalf of the Association without the consent of the Executive Committee.
    • Annual reports shall be filed with the Secretary of the Association by each committee chairperson.
    • At the cessation of membership in any Association committee, that committee member must relinquish to the committee any materials relating to committee business. If the committee is disbanded, these materials shall be relinquished to the Executive Committee.
    • Each Committee Head shall nominate a new Committee Head for the following year no later than the Annual meeting of the Association.
    • Each Committee will not engage expenses higher than the budget voted for their committee without seeking approval of the Executive Committee first.
  • The following are current committees of the Association. They may vary from year to year:
    • The End of Year Fundraising Committee shall organize and produce fundraising event. See section Annual Fundraising Event (Article 9).
    • The Welcome Committee shall act as a host-group to welcome new teachers and family.
    • The Room Parent Committee shall select and organize social activities for the students, at school-level with the approval of the School Head, at class-level with the approval of the teachers.
    • The Family Directory Committee shall prepare in coordination with the school secretary the publication of the directory of families and staff of the school for the current academic year. This private directory is for the use only of FASSV community members. No commercial use of it should be allowed. Each family and staff member should receive one.
    • The Website Committee shall maintain the Association web site:
    • The Emergency Contact List committee shall establish an emergency phone call tree in coordination with the Head of the School.
    • The Electronic Fundraising Committee shall organize the enrollment of FASSV parents in online fundraising programs
    • The garden Committee shall work on the garden maintenance and projects in coordination with the teachers
    • The Parent kit Committee shall maintain and provide a guide to new families coming to the School
    • The Yahoo Groups committee shall maintain the enrollment of parents in “parents_all” yahoo groups and each class yahoo group in which the family belongs. These groups must be monitored by a moderator for each class and one for the parents_all.


Article 9:         FUNDRAISING

  • Parent’s Association Fundraising.
    • The Executive Committee subject to approval by the Head of the school will determine all PTA Fundraising activities. The chair of each fundraising activity will submit a budget to the Executive Committee for approval before commencement.
  • Coordination with the administration.
    • Fundraising Committee will consult and coordinate with the Executive Committee and the Head of the School concerning fundraising goals and procedures. All fundraising communications by any Parent’s Association member in the name of the school, on school letterhead or otherwise, including but not limited to solicitations, advertising and publicity, must be approved by the Head of the School and the Executive Committee.
  • Identifications of fundraising goals.
    • At the beginning of the school year, the Co-Presidents shall solicit input from the parent body and the faculty concerning equipment, projects or programs which the parents may wish to fund to enrich educational experiences of the children at the school. Once this input has been received, the Executive Committee shall meet with the Head to determine the End of Year Fundraising Goal. The parent body shall forthwith be advised of the items, projects or programs determining the goal.



  • Hot Lunch Committee will select supplier(s) capable of consistently delivering meals of good quality, in appropriate quantity, and on time.
  • At the beginning of every school year, the committee will get a copy of the supplier’s “catering business license” and of his “general liability insurance” to check their validity.
  • Prior to hiring a new caterer, the committee should check out the kitchen of the candidate and his references.
  • This activity is not meant to be fund-raising but its expenses have to be covered by its income.
  • Committee will set up a payment schedule such that the value of meals paid in advance by PTA is limited to $ 1,000.



  • Eligibility: Each Member returning for the following academic year is eligible to be nominated to any office.
  • Nomination procedure:
    • The call for nominations to offices shall be made and the date of the Annual Meeting shall be determined in the Association’s second-to-last meeting of the academic year. This information shall be published and distributed in a timely manner to all PTA members. Thereafter, the call to nominations shall be open until closed for elections at the Annual Meeting.
    • A member may be a candidate for more than one office.
    • Any two members of the Association, not including the candidate, may make a nomination.
    • A nomination may be made in writing in advance of the Annual Meeting in which case it must be signed by the nominators and endorsed by the nominee, or it may be made verbally at the Annual Meeting in which case verbal declarations and endorsement will suffice.
    • It is deemed desirable and in the Association’s interest that a nominator make a statement in support of the candidate, and that the candidate make a statement as to his or her qualifications for office.
  • Election Rules:
    • The Secretary shall conduct the election at the Annual Meeting. Election results shall be announced at the Annual Meeting and shall be published in a timely manner.
    • No person shall serve in more than one office at a time and the length of service shall be no more than 3 consecutive terms per office.
    • Each Member returning for the following academic year is eligible to place one vote per office.
    • Votes may be made by absentee ballot if the Member cannot be present. Absentee ballots can be a paper with the date, name of candidates and offices, voter’s name and voter’s signature.
    • Tie votes shall be settled by a re-vote and second tie by a coin toss.


Article 12: Meetings

  • There shall be an Annual Meeting of the Association for the purposes of electing Association officers, and conducting any other such business as may be needed. The Annual Meeting shall be the last meeting of the Association of the academic school year. This meeting is typically held in the month of May or June.
  • The Association shall have at least one general meeting in each of the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters at times selected by the Executive Committee of the Association.
  • A minimum of 7 members present at any regular Association meeting shall constitute a quorum.
  • The Executive committee will meet prior to School Committees with the room parent coordinator and will meet among themselves prior to regular association meetings.


Article 13:       Vacancies

  • An office shall be declared vacant if:
    • No candidate is nominated to the office at the Annual Meeting.
    • An officer ceases to be a member of the Association.
    • An officer misses two meetings of either the Association or the Executive Committee without acceptable cause.
    • The Vice President shall fill a vacancy in the office of the President.
    • A vacancy occurring in an office other than President shall be filled for the un-expired term by a person selected by vote of the Executive Committee.
      • During the academic year, notice of intent to fill the vacancy must be given to the members of the Association in a timely manner.
      • If the vacancy occurs after the Annual Meeting but before the next regular school term, the Executive Committee may make a temporary appointment subject to notification of the members and confirmation by the Executive Committee at the beginning of the next school term.
    • All officers, upon vacating an office for any reason, shall expeditiously turn over to the Executive Committee all records and materials related to their offices.
    • Any signatory responsibility on any and all Association bank accounts shall be revoked immediately upon an officer’s vacating an office for any reason.


Article 14: Amendments

  • Amendments to the Bylaws may be submitted by the Members of the Association or by the Executive Committee.
  • These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote at any regular meeting of the Association at which a quorum is achieved, subject to approval by the Board of Trustees.


Article 15: Approval and Certification

These Bylaws were approved by the Board of Trustees of the French­ American School of Silicon Valley on May 24, 2005.

They were voted upon and approved at a meeting of the French­ American School of Silicon Valley Parent Teacher Association meeting on June 2nd, 2005.

I certify that this is an accurate copy of the Bylaws as presented to the aforementioned meeting of the Association.



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Claire Weber,                                Terry Langlais,                              Christine Gazounaud


Secretary FASSV PTA                 Co President of FASSV PTA       Co President of FASSV PTA


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