Register with Konstella

Parents have received invitation emails. The big orange Join Button in the email initiates the invitation process. By clicking the Join Button and completing the registration process, the parent’s email address is validated.

The first screen is to set a password.

The second screen is to enter children’s names, classrooms, and her relationships with the children. This step has already been set up by your Admin team. Simply double check and confirm.

The parent will be shown a third screen, asking him/her to fill out his/her contact info and preference settings. All the fields are optional.

If the parent clicks the Join button from a mobile phone, the registration steps are exactly the same except that the steps are completed on the Konstella iPhone/Android Apps. If the app has not been downloaded, the parent will be asked to download the app before completing the registration. Based on the version of the operating systems, the steps to download the app and initiate the registration process are slightly different.

All the emails sent to unregistered parents are a bit different from the ones sent to registered parents. At the bottom of every email, the unregistered parent will see a Register button and an opt-out link until she completes the registration.

Once registered, you can discover how to use Konstella.