Konstella: A new communication platform for the FASSV parent community

We are excited to launch a new, secure and private parent communication platform for FASSV families called Konstella. This user-friendly platform offers a website and an iPhone / Android app that includes:
•   PTA / room parents and school-wide announcements
•   Classroom events which can be synced to your own calendar
•   Volunteer sign-up opportunities
•   Private messaging
•   Searchable directory to contact other parents or teachers of our community
•   Social groups and committees
•   File and photo sharing
To get started, please accept the Konstella invitation you received by email. You will be asked to choose a password and to enter your contact details (optional). The registration is a 1 minute process!
Our hope is that Konstella will streamline and centralize previous means of communication within the FASSV parent community (Yahoo Groups, Google sign up, or sign up sheets in the hallway!) to create a more user-friendly experience for everyone. Yahoo Groups will be phased out in the coming weeks. Renweb will still be used by the school administration for your children for all official school documentation.
We developed a user guide to help you register and learn about main functions of Konstella
You can learn more about Konstella on their website: https://www.konstella.com/. This startup was funded by a Palo Alto mom, so we are proud to launch this Bay Area initiative.
Please contact us at pta@fassv.org if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from the parent community!