Many of the events and festivities at the school would not be possible without the help of FASSV families generously donating their time and talents. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the committees below, please contact

More information on the committees below


Box Top Program Diana Roucoux
Community Social Events Alice Tien-Boyer
Noori Khadem-Devanneaux
Claire Balle
More Help Needed
Ecole des loisirs Emily Minette
Rummage Sale Camille Duteil
Regis Danon
Scholastic Books (English) Michelle Cai
Cynthia Di Pietro
More Help Needed
School Garden Amandine Blondin
Anna Staszewicz
Nan Kang-Koch
More Help Needed
School T-Shirt Sales Victoria Reeder-Haik
SCRIP Selma Bensaid
Camille Duteil
Silent Auction More Help Needed
PTA Website Guillaume Duteil
Konstella Guillaume Duteil
Yearbook PS – Veronique Tzevelekis
Pre-K – Camille Duteil
K -Conny LeMieux
1st – Melanie Tessieres
2nd – Gilles Lamant
3rd – Celine Azevedo
4th – Melanie Tessieres
5th – Tatjana Serdar
Yearbook Video Guillaume Duteil
Welcome committee More Help Needed

Community Social Events/Cocktail Party

Community Social Events such as the Cocktail Party in the spring serve as both a fun social event for the FASSV community as well as a fundraiser for the PTA. Tasks include identifying a date and venue for the party, organizing the logistic of the event such as coordinating catering, and communicating details of event to the FASSV community.

L’école des Loisirs

L’école des Loisirs is a publisher of high-quality French literature for children and youth. The volunteer would manage the yearly subscriptions for families, which includes one leisure-reading book in French each month, for a total of 8 books. The time involved in this task is approximately 1/2 hour per month and 2 hours at beginning of school year to collect subscriptions. This is a great fit for someone who loves books.

Rummage Sale

The Rummage Sale will be held in the spring and is a good source of fundraising for the PTA since the parent community donates 100% of the items. Tasks include identifying a date for the sale and asking the FASSV community to donate gently used items from their household they no longer need (i.e. toys, books, clothes, furniture, etc.). Sorting and pricing items for the sale. Coordinating volunteer help for the day of the sale and running the sale.

School Garden

The School Garden includes several large planters and barrels located throughout the campus. Each classroom has one or more dedicated planters. Tasks include managing the seasonal planting for each class and coordinating volunteers to plant, water and harvest. This is a wonderful opportunity to work with the children. You will get unforgettable smiles, questions and exuberance.


The SCRIP Program is the largest fundraising sources for the PTA. Tasks include managing the SCRIP card inventory and communicating/promoting the program to the parent community. This includes selling and distributing gift cards at school during pickup/drop-off at designated times (e.g. 2-3 times per month).

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction is held each spring and is our third largest fundraising source after Scrip and Kermesse. Tasks include using a list of established businesses that have donated goods and services in the past, send letters requesting donations for this year’s auction. Solicit new leads as needed. Set up the auction online. Communicate the silent auction to the parent community and run auction.

Parents are needed to take pictures during class activities and field trips for the yearbook.  Each class needs one or more parent representative(s) who will lead the effort to communicate and collect pictures from families in their class and work with the Yearbook Committee to organize their classroom pages in the yearbook.