Budget guidelines for Room Parents and Committees

At the beginning of each school year, the PTA outlines a budget for the upcoming school year. The parent community votes on the proposed budget. The approved budget is then posted on the PTA website for reference.

School Events

School events include The Halloween Parade, Thanksgiving Lunch, Winter Celebration, Teacher Appreciation, International Buffet, and Kermesse. Each event has a designated budget to cover expenses related to organizing this event. The room parent(s) charged with organizing the event are responsible for their budget, keeping track of receipts and submitting paperwork for reimbursement. If a purchase related to organizing your event is outside of the usual items purchased in a given year (e.g. food, decoration, etc.), please check with the PTA for approval.

Class “fun” Money

Each class is allocated money that can be used for a class party, craft or other activity with the main purpose that the activity benefits all the students in the class. This class budget is calculated as $10 per student, so some classes will have more or less money depending on the number of students. How this money is used is up to the discretion of the room parents and in consultation with the classroom teachers. The use of this money is optional; If it is not used, it remains in the PTA general fund. If room parents are unsure if the use of their class fun money falls within the categories outlined above, please check with the PTA.


Committees may vary from year to year, but currently include School Garden, Yearbook, Social Events, SCRIP, Book Fair, Rummage Sale and School Spirit (T-shirt sales). Each committee is allocated a budget to cover costs associated with running their committee. Committee heads are in charge of their budgets. If a purchase related to your committee is outside of the usual items purchased in a given year, please check with the PTA for approval.


Please save all receipts related to organizing your event. Reimbursement Forms may be found in the PTA cubby drawer in the office.  Please complete the form, attach receipts and place in the Treasurer folder. Please fill out one form for each event (e.g. one form/receipts for Halloween and one form/recipts for class fun money).The Treasurer will notify you when your check is ready. Reimbursement checks may be picked up in the Reimbursement Check folder in the cubby drawer. Please contact the Treasurer for any reimbursement related questions.