FASSV-PTA BUDGET  for 2018-2019

Our goals for this school year:

  • Balance the PTA budget
  • Fund events, activities and projects that benefit the entire FASSV school and community
  • Make a donation to the school to sponsor a project in need

Main Fundraising Events

  • Kermesse: $4,950*
  • Yearbook + DVD: $3,400*
  • SCRIP: $1,650*
  • Spring Rummage Sale: $575
  • Amazon Referral link: $400

*Net income after deducting expenses

Other Fundraising Activities

  • School Spirit (T-shirts, bookmarks and other FASSV branded items)
  • Box Tops for Education
  • Sport Basement
  • Wine sale (new)
  • Fundraising Social Events: Wine tasting, cheese tasting

Note: For the English Scholastic Book Fair, most or all of the income is given in books and school supplies (> $3,000 Scholastic dollars for library and teachers)

Main Expenses

  • ˜ $14,235 in operational costs, which includes:
    • ˜$7,920 for all of the school wide social events (Kermesse, Winter celebration, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Teacher Appreciation, Galette des Rois…)
    • ˜$3,230 for class specific events / items (Room parent discretionary fund, Graduation, T-shirt for Quebec trip, backpack for Coloma trip)
    • ˜$910 for the School Garden and sustainability program
    • ˜$415 for PTA office (website, accounting…)
  • A donation of $2,260 to the school is planned to sponsor a project in need; parents will have the opportunity to vote on one of four projects they wish to see funded:
    • french books for classroom libraries as the partner we used to work for French book fair has gone out of business
    • bilingual books:  multiple grade levels are now looking at teaching with a title they can find in both languages. This gives the children a chance to compare and contrast the languages and helps to develop one part of our program at school.
    • PE equipment:  students always enjoy new equipment and games
    • musical instruments: this has been raised by some parents and Solange was looking at stringed instruments at one point to add to the items she is teaching.

budget 2


How can you help?

You can help by…

  • Reviewing and voting on the budget
  • Getting involved with PTA Committees:
    • Rummage Sale,
    • Welcome and Social Committees are still in need of help (email: pta@fassv.org)
  • Volunteering at PTA-sponsored activities
  • Participating in fundraising events
  • Donating cash to the PTA (tax deductible, sometimes matched by your company)